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I.Jones: because he's epic

So here we go, my first attempt of an epic picspam. For everlasting peace and damn fine coffee :) A ton of HD caps covering the TW series 1. And it's all about him. And only him sorry wrong quote!

NOTE: If you want to take some pics, please don't ask and use them the way you like. Spread optimism around :)

/me proudly presents
Series 1: I need to know this 'cause I noticed you were smilin'

Dear guests, let me introduce you Mr Ianto Jones.

In case you somehow still don't know, he's from Torchwod. And Torchwood is the world's most famous secret organization :)
And I think he's damn great.

To be honest, I hardly noticed him at first. I barely could tell one character from another. Well, I mean some things were clear: Jack being the main character, Gwen being the audience surrogate, Toshiko being good-looking Japanese hardly to be confused with anybody.

And this was the point where my problems began - there were no 'Ianto' or 'Owen', just 'those two men left'.
Even Jack's romantic interest wouldn't help.
Even Ianto's suits wouldn't.

Luckily, this state of affairs didn't last long.
He's not my type actually...

...but hell he got me.

Too little Ianto in ep.3 (not fair!) stupid tie.

But still - 'take this stuff away and let's forget about it' - without even looking.

But still-
their fingers

Drinking an' looking after Jack :)

Offtopic Jack :) Love this waistcoat.

1.04. Jack versus cyberLisa. And coffeeboy epic fail.

This was totally wrong, Captain.

You really should pay more attention to your employees.

Otherwise you can miss something important. And most probably dangerous.

This episode is a model of angst.
Flashbacks, first on-screen kiss and lots of 'I hate you! face'.




Doesn't look like love at first sight to me.
They really have a long way to go.



A loosened tie #1.

A loosened tie #2.

So this was the 'How Ianto didn't die Part one' episode.

An argument with the boss went slightly out of control.

Aaand we move to the set of caps no picspam goes without :)

"Other Staff issues: Ianto Jones temporarily suspended from active duty, to return at my discretion. His love for Lisa clouded his judgment, and he made some serious mistakes - but I have to wonder if I would have done the same thing in his situation. Ianto's personal needs and emotional state have been overlooked; I should not have missed something like this. During his suspension, I will try to spend more time with him. Hopefully we can establish a closer working relationship."© Jack Harkness Captain's Blog.

They really look like 'OMG whose hand is this' :)

Fanservice will save the world. Maybe. Somedays.

The team goes camping.

"Staff: Brought Ianto Jones along to get him out of the Hub, out of the city, get some relaxing time in the country with the team. May not have been the best decision I made this year"©

One more offtopic Jack looking good moment. Completely illogical, I know :)

Ianto in a white shirt is just cool.

The sweetest smile of DOOM.

Angsty mode on.

1.08. The fourth episode was angsty. This one is totally kinky.


I can see you - you are NOT working!


Everybody wears red.

Including Jack :)

Ianto's hands omg.

Made the phone work.

And yet again.

We are a hell of a serious organization!

And we're good together :)

This is a serious interrogation.

This is some other serious business.

But it doesn't work very well when the boss is gone.

A bit too much emotions.


Oh Jack is totally unaware how to come back!

But yet he comes eventually.

Looks like it's time to get down to business...

Like hell!

But Jack is sort of used to it.
"Gwen: I'm sorry, Jack, I didn't mean to shoot you!
Jack: It's okay, Gwen - nobody means but everybody shoots."©
The most important thing is that the greatcoat is saved. And Ianto is always there for the owner of the coat.

And after some more angsty moments...

...it all comes to a happy ending. Because these are the caps no picspam goes without.

The happy ending is a bit messed up with Jack's depature...

The team is going to, as clearly stated by this warning, have a long hard year.

After this screencap (which is 120th) I'll probably have a break.

More to follow - stay tuned!

download here, 20 MB.
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